07/18/2020 GCOG: Traverser - Welcome To The Real World

In 2037 reality tore itself apart. Human stress did it. Artificial scarcities did it. Access to money, information, and human social intercourse all determined by inscrutable algorithms did it. Our collective human stress just boiled up and rent reality to shreds.

And that’s how the world ended.

Except it didn’t. It never does.

It reformed itself, put itself back together, only different. Maybe better. People live in villages, there are no telecommunications, and reality … well, everyone can see the seams in it now.

You were a Traverser, a woman in your 20s who possesses quantum powers to manipulate reality, a cybernetically augmented soldier in a war, but you never fought on a battlefield.

You were given targets to remove from whatever reality they were in to shift the balance of power between corporations, special interests and governments.

But when the world ended, the war’s underpinnings were suddenly gone.

The people who wanted it waged collectively threw up their hands, removed as much tech from you as they could - mostly the mods which mitigated the consequences of using your quantum abilities - and discharged you.

So you can still use your abilities, can travel across realities, and can manipulate reality and turn invisible—though now reality pays a price when you do. You’re far from the home you once had, but do you even care about that anymore?

And what will you do now that you’re free?

This is a session of Paul Czege’s Traverser, a game currently in development. The game will be taught as we play, and you do not need any knowledge of the game or setting to play. The tone of Traverser can be intensely emotional and involves characters who may have varying degrees of PTSD because it is, at least in part, an exploration of who people become when a war is done with them and casts them aside. There are likely to be moments of joy, wonder, and lightheartedness, and there may be moments of love and romance. We will use an extensive list of Lines and Veils to facilitate a baseline for player safety, and the X-Card, Script Change, and Open Door policy will be available during play. This session will also adhere to The Gauntlet’s Community Code of Conduct: https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/community-code-of-conduct.html

We will use Streamyard for the event and, if all participants consent, it will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.