07/19/2020 GCOG: Pasión de las Pasiones - El Ruido Nuevo

“Listen, you could go to that record store in the mall, but let’s be blunt - you know they don’t have anything cool there. There’s nothing new, you know? It’s just the same stuff you hear on XPOP. But here … well. Here it’s a different story. Now let’s see what we can do about finding you something good …”

El Ruido Nuevo is the fiercely, proudly independent record store in Ciudad Soñando. It’s where you go to find imports, bootlegs, out-of-print albums, the newest and latest, the records you hear about when the coolest people you know mention them in passing … and it’s an utter disaster of a business. If the record shop on Sunday is a kind of church for you, then El Ruido Nuevo is the miracle that makes believers because it’s a wonder that it hasn’t closed down permanently. But hey, it’s still early in the day so who knows what could happen? And Recuerdas Tu is supposed to do an in-store … if they remember. Then there are those two kids who you know are shoplifting, but haven’t caught. And … oh hell, the store is supposed to open in 5 minutes and you aren’t even out of bed yet …

Players will take on the roles of young employees in their early 20s at Ruido Nuevo, employees with hopes and dreams that do not involve working at a record store for their entire lives. Who will you be? What will you do? Will this be just another day for you … or will it be the day that things change forever?

This is a session of Brandon Leon-Gambetta’s Pasión de las Pasiones, a game which is currently nearing release. The game will be taught as we play, and you do not need any knowledge of the game or setting to play. There may be moments of interpersonal conflict, but it is unlikely that conflict will go beyond a fist fight. There may be romance between characters if players consent to it. We will use an extensive list of Lines and Veils to facilitate a baseline for player safety, and the X-Card, Script Change, and Open Door policy will be available during play. This session will adhere to The Gauntlet’s Community Code of Conduct: https://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/community-code-of-conduct.html

We will use Streamyard for the event and, if all participants consent, it will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.