+1 Forward - BOB Series - Wanderhome

Rach and Rich continue their Summer Series. This series covers games in the Belonging Outside Belonging (BOB) style of PbtA games. This fourth episode features Jay Dragon of Possum Creek Games.

0:01:48 - Spend a Token… to hear Jay talk about Idle Dreaming
0:07:58 - You Also Play As The… person learning about Wanderhome (and Moomin)
0:17:02 - No Dice, No Masters… a demo of Wanderhome

Wanderhome 's KS page:

Jay Dragons’s Itch store:

Jay’s Patreon:


This episode convinced me even more that I made the right move in backing the kickstarter.

It’s also fascinating to listen to people so far away discussing the Moomin books, as to me they feel so extremely Nordic. Of course they touch on universal themes but it still feels weird.

I do think the connection to pastoral fantasy is absolutely correct, though. I immediately started thinking up moves for Moominmamma inviting people in for something to eat.