+1 Forward - Cinematic Roleplaying


It’s a new episode of +1 Forward - Cinematic Roleplaying

Since we’ve debuted Movie Nights, Rich and Rach discuss a related topic - cinematic roleplaying.

7:57 - Star Wars RPGs as a lens for PbtA
13:33 - Pacing
17:24 - Encouraging Buy-in from the group
27:24 - Epilogues
30:25 - When being cinematic might conflict with “the rules” of the game

Forum friends: what are your tips for making tabletop games more cinematic?


Yay! I love +1 Forward!


Great episode! I’m always trying to improve at this!


Glad you dig it, @Logan_Howard!
I hope the tips are helpful for you, @Lonnie_Spangler.


In a SW 1%er game I was in, Rich introduced NPCs into an action scene by describing a freeze frame with their name appearing in block letters on screen. It felt very much like early Guy Ritchy stylistic cinema to me. Super fun#


Ooh, Guy Ritchie, I’ll take that praise! I was actually stealing that from the video game Borderlands. :slight_smile:


Nice! I need to try that game.



I’ve seen Snatch! I want to change my answer to Snatch intro now! :slight_smile: