+1 Forward - Don't Pay the Ferryman

The new episode of +1 Forward glides across the river and into your podcast player. This week @RichRogers talks with @BlakeRyan about his fantasy espionage rpg, Don’t Pay the Ferryman.

01:49 - Read a Sitch about Interpreting Games with more Creativity
07:41 - Open Your Brain to Don’t Pay the Ferryman
14:25 - Act Under Fire with Plussy the Ork Harlequin

The cool ork picture Rich mentioned in the episode can be seen here:

You can purchase Don’t Pay the Ferryman on DrivethruRPG here (aff):


Here’s the episode:


Wait wait. Rich Rogers is still making podcasts?!


You bet I am, Ry! How are you doing?

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Mostly out of the hobby but tinkering with using In A Wicked Age and Apocalypse World elements together. I have 2 kids and they’re juuuust old enough to be able to sit down and play, but hoping to get back into regular gaming soon.

So I’m like a Easter and Christmas churchgoer. I still look down on people who only do Christmas. What’s your favorite episode of +1 Forward (besides episode 1)?