+1 Forward - Fellowship 2nd Edition


It’s a new episode of +1 Forward - Fellowship 2nd Edition

Come listen to Rich talk with Jacob Randolph about their new edition of Fellowship that is fully funded on Kickstarter and ending soon!

01:34 - Read a Sitch about collaborative world building
10:40 - Open Your Brain to Fellowship 2nd edition
21:52 - Act Under Fire with Plussy and the Magnetic Forest

Kickstarter link:


I absolutely loved this episode. I backed the Kickstarter immediately and started reading through some of what Fellowship is all about. It looks like this may be the fantasy game that dethrones Dungeon World for me. By stripping away the DnD heritage from DW and inserting tropes steeped in modern fantasy literature, you get the game I’ve been trying to run in DW for a long time. Can’t wait to get this to the table!


Same here! I dig the implicit movement away from the “normal” fantasy tropes that seems embedded in Fellowship. Can’t wait to get my books once there’s enough money in my RPG budget.