+1 Forward - FitD series - What Have We Learned

​​Rach and Rich reflect on their Summer Series of Forged in the Dark (FitD) games.

0:05:49 - What aspects of FitD most surprised us
0:13:56 - Which aspects we found underwhelming
0:21:26 - Advice we offer for first time FitD players
0:33:08 - Thoughts on PbtA and FitD connections
0:35:04 - Our Highs
0:40:37 - Our Lows
0:45:30 - Final Thoughts on FitD and PbtA


Great observations, both about the potential pitfalls of “everything’s up for negotiation” and the cool possibilities of PCs being able to act at scale to shape the setting as a campaign goes on. Also interesting to note how many FitD games are still in long development cycles—I wonder if that is because the example and momentum of Blades makes campaign-length play a bigger focus than in most baseline PbtA games?


Very much looking forward to listening to this one.

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