+1 Forward Live at GCOG October 2020

​Rach and Rich host a live Q&A episode at Gauntlet Community’s Open Gaming Weekend in October 2020!

0:02:41 - What we miss most about in-person gaming cons?
0:07:56 - Ever increased the odds to create tragedy?
0:15:52 - Which is your favorite move? Why?
0:23:09 - What was the most disappointing move in play?
0:27:44 - What’s the best ‘fight/confrontation resolution’ mechanic?
0:34:41 - What’s a genre great for PbtA that nobody has tackled yet?
0:38:58 - When does PBTA shine? When does it fail the group?
0:43:33 - What are the most interesting mechanics or concepts to bring back into “baseline” PbtA games from offshoot systems like Forged in the Dark or Belonging Outside Belonging?
0:48:28 - Do you prefer detailed moves as in most PbtA games or a streamlined approach as in World of Dungeons?
0:52:33 - What has been the most positive and most negative shift in gaming you’ve seen in the last decade?