+1 Forward Live episode happening - we need your questions!

@Teddog and I will be doing a LIVE episode of +1 Forward on the Friday night of the Fall GCOG Weekend. We’d love to answer questions submitted ahead of time. If you have any PbtA stuff to ask, let us know here!


What are the most interesting mechanics or concepts to bring back into “baseline” PbtA games from offshoot systems like Forged in the Dark or Belonging Outside Belonging?


Do you prefer detailed moves as in most PbtA games, or a streamlined approach as in World of Dungeons?


How would you “create” Dungeon World (or any PBTA/Trad Game stepping stone) using the lessons we’ve learned in the last 5 years, and how can we help introduce new players to a wider range of gaming without being dismissive of trad games?

What are the most important safety tools/discussions to have at the table?

What has been the most positive and most negative shift in gaming you’ve seen in the last decade?