+1 Forward - Monster of the Week - Tome of Mysteries

It’s a new episode of +1 Forward - Monster of the Week - Tome of Mysteries

Come listen to Rich talk with Michael and Steve about their new book of mysteries and Keeper advice for Monster of the Week!

04:25 - Read a Sitch about non-PbtA games
15:11 - Open Your Brain to Tome of Mysteries
27:11- Act Under Fire with Plussy and his… kid sister!!!

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Loved this episode and definitely need to run Monster of the Week once I’ve read Tome of Mysteries!

MOTW is great to run, easy to get what’s happening if you’ve seen buffy/the grimm/supernatural

i saw the beta of this? ‘more weirdness’ added some cool stuff to the game

in the podcast it was obvious they loved the game!

some AP’s to see gauntlet gamers playing MOTW

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Having got hold of Tome in my flgs, it’s bloody great. My favourite of the new playbooks is the Gumshoe (“Just one more thing…”) as I’d love to play Colombo or Lisbeth Salander, sticking my nose in to all kinds of things that don’t belong to me. I’m a little confused by the Hex playbook but like alot of what it puts out - just not sure how the Rote thing would work in practice.

Other than the playbooks, the optional Weirdness rules are brilliant and expand on the rough ‘More Weirdness’ items that Michael Sands has put out for a while on his site. Particularly love the ‘Past Lives’ move which fits perfectly into the Chosen if you do straight Buffy but can be flavoured in a million ways too.

The adventures/mysteries are the bulk of the book and there are some absolutely fantastic ones. Many will look familiar to anyone who follows Mark Tygart’s Cats of Tindalos but he’s used the new codified Phenomenon rules to turn monsters into weird, well, phenomenon. There’s also some great articles on changing things up, and overall the writing, illustration and design is excellent.