+1 Forward Movie Night - Rogue One and Impulse Drive

​Rach and Rich continue Movie Night, our series where we pair a movie and a PbtA RPG and talk about how you can watch the movie and improve your experience with the game. Our third pairing is Star Wars: Rogue One and Impulse Drive.

02:02 - Spoiler-less Rogue One plot description
06:03 - Impulse Drive overview
12:38 - Rogue One Spoilery Chat!!!
17:09 - Playbook talk, where we assign playbooks (Archetypes) to significant movie characters
29:33 - Playable scenes from the movie
45:00 - Rach breaks down an NPC movie character with Impulse Drive mechanics

Star Wars - Rogue One can be found on Disney+.

You can purchase Impulse Drive here (aff):

A discussion on hacking Story Games to Star Wars from the Gauntlet forum:


I tweeted Adrian about it - good discussion :slight_smile: