+1 Forward - PbtA in the Time of Social Distancing

00:13:36 - Duet Gaming with a local partner or roommate
00:20:09 - Things to consider with PbtA Games to run them as a Duet Game
00:32:25 - Gaming at home (with kids)
00:38:05 - Gaming Online with video conference tools
00:51:02 - RPG Play-by-Post (on forum or the like)
00:56:04 - RP by Chat (irc, Discord, or Slack)


I’m currently really interested in trying out play-by-video-message with the Marco Polo app. It seems like it could be an interesting middle ground between videoconferencing and pbp.


Fun episode! You brought up duet PbtA games. We wrote 2 of those for #YourMoveJam. Bring Home the Babe is about older siblings bargaining to get their baby sibling back from the fey. The Tabula Initiative is about amnesiac spies outrunning their pasts.

Would anyone be interested in trying this format out?