+1 Forward - Super Destiny High School Rumble!

Rich interviews Jessica and Ruth of Five Wits Press about Super Destiny High School Rumble!! an anime-inspired PbtA game.

0:01:11 - Read a Sitch about MCing when the players keep rolling those 10+s
0:08:30 - Open Your Brain to Super Destiny High School Rumble!!
0:16:46 - Act Under Fire with Tatsu and Hifumi

Purchase Super Destiny High School Rumble!! on DriveThru RPG (aff):

Five Wits Press website:


Hearing you talk about this game and play it made me go out and buy it right away. It seems so delightful!

It also seems to have a justified use of dual playbooks, which is something I’d like to look closer at.

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When Jessica talked about the idea of multiple players having the same playbook for team-ups, it… blew my mind.

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Oh yeah! I think that may have been what tipped me over from “this sounds very interesting” to “I’m buying this right now”.

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I’ve been reading it over the last couple of days and I’m not disappointed! This may be one I have to run…

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Welp, I started building a character keeper so…

Hooray, save me the work!!!