+1 Forward - Take an Advance... on Masks A New Generation


Rach and Rich bring on Misha B of Black Girl Gameworks and podcaster and game designer Brandon Leon Gambetta to talk about ways to get the best out of a game of Masks A New Generation . Join us for a deep dive into an RPG we all love.

0:12:36 - Masks for players - Favorite Playbooks
0:21:54 - Some Great Basic Moves
0:29:09 - Masks thoughts for GMs
0:41:22 - Challenges to Consider when running Masks

Masks A New Generation can be found on Magpie’s website here: https://magpiegames.com/pages/masks
Find cool Masks playbooks on itch here: https://itch.io/physical-games/tag-masks
The Masks fan Discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/Up8MBUe8

Misha: https://twitter.com/BGGameWorks
Brandon: https://twitter.com/bleongambetta

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