24 hour rpg contest entry- Leadtown

I sent in my contest entry for an rpggeek.com contest where you create an rpg in 24 hours or less. You must create a game with new mechanics. Full rules info:
RPG Geek 24 hour rpg contest rules and entries

My entry is Leadtown: The Old West RPG. The concept of my game is to run an rpg using the now archaic gambling game of the Old West, Faro, to decide conflict resolutions. Faro starts off much like Roulette, where everyone puts bets on the numbers available (although in Faro Ace through King instead). Meanwhile, as the game goes on, there is only one deck so you can count cards and improve your odds as the game goes.

Characters die if their players run out of betting chips. It is possible in Faro for no one to win or lose a hand. After those hands, the bids must double and the stakes raise. There is a link to proper Faro rules in the game.

I think this could actually be quite a good game if I spend more time with it. Please let me know what you think.

Update: The Leadtown link now has a working PDF file.