72% funded with 9 days to go

Against the Dark Conspiracy’ continues to make steady progress towards its target:
Against the Dark Conspiracy - ZineQuest 3, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atdc/against-the-dark-conspiracy-zinequest-3

If anyone is wondering how Against the Dark Conspiracy actually runs (and doesn’t want to sit through the current Gauntlet APs) here’s a twitter thread where I illustrate setting up an Operation using last night’s session with my home group as an example …

In case anyone has a similar question about Against the Dark Conspiracy … Can you use it to run Night’s Black Agents?


Hi Alun. I just tracked you down here:) based on your YouTube Channel. I guess I missed your kickstarted “by that much” but will look at it anywho.
Oddly my Kickstarter app is not working ATM.
Anyway, I am looking for a small act of kindness. I am running my first pbta game as a GM (or SM) real soon. I was greatly helped by watching some of your “The Expanse” themed series using Impulse Drive. It so happens I am running the same game in the same world!
Could you send me a copy of the character keeper file you used?
Good Cheer and Warm Regards,

p.s. I am not active on the gauntlet but did play a few 4session runs here a couple years ago.

Hi, @davey - forgive the delay getting back to you but I’ve had several days full-time online work so this is my first look at Forums since about Friday.
Try this link - it should work:

Be aware that I was hacking Lowell Francis’ hack for Coriolis and while we picked up inconsistencies during play my guess is that there may still be one or two places where Coriolis still peaks through.

I didn’t think all the ship types fitted the Expanse so I chose it for them … . Can’t remember if I deleted the other options so if you want those and they aren’t there let me know as I think I have the original I worked from.

Look forward to hearing how the sessions go.


So kind of you. Thank you Alun! I’d love to send you a quick update re- how my first foray as space master goes! Really appreciate the share and the invitation to stay connected in that way. It’ll be a brief note from out of the blue several weeks from now :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,

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Always good to hear how people’s games go.