A Carcosa Fringe Festival — a theatrical bottle investigation launches this weekend

I hope this letter finds you healthy and that you have been living well since we last saw each other. I’m putting on a play this weekend and I would be most pleased if you would come to see it — I’ll have some comp tickets put aside for you. The show really is something special and I’m especially keen to introduce you to its key player.

My latest Mythos investigation A Carcosa Fringe Festival launches this weekend. It’s a short bottle episode of an investigation where the players visit a theatre above a Soho pub to watch a fringe theatre production of A King in Yellow. Suffice to say, it’s not the most comfortable of productions.

It’s been written for The Cthulhu Hack, but I’ll be running it with Cthulhu Dark on Free RPG Day itself (if you’re in London, come up to Leisure Games if you want to sit in!). I imagine most keepers are adept at tweaking things for their favourite system regardless.

I’m also touting for pull quotes for the pitch page when it goes on sale, so if you’d be happy to share your thoughts on the module then I’ll happily share a preview copy with you this week!


Highly atmospheric exploration of the fabled King in Yellow play, as performed in a room upstairs in a very odd pub in Soho. Needless to say, things are far from alright on the night …

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I’m glad you enjoyed playing it at Virtual Grogmeet! :slight_smile:

It now is on sale! :smiley: Happy to offer comp copies for anyone who wants to review it.