A Few Best Practices For Posting


A few suggestions for making your posts awesome:

  • Be considerate of other people’s time/energy/effort. People are more likely to be willing to be generous with what they know when you have shown that you have done the same. If you have a question, give some context. Tell us a bit about what you know already about the subject, etc. (Related: search for topics before creating a new one - there might already exist a thread discussing exactly what you want to discuss. (Feel free to add to it!))

  • If you just read an article that you think would create a great discussion, post the link and tell us all about the thoughts it has brought to mind for you and how they relate to gaming. Others will follow suit.

  • If you have recently been seeing hype about a new game, tell us what you know so far. Tell us what it is that really has you interested in finding out more about it and what it is that makes you want to play it.

  • If you have designed something and you would like some feedback on what you have so far: tell us as much as you can about what you are doing. What are you trying to accomplish? Are there any unusual mechanics you’ve created? Is it based on any other games or frameworks? If so, what lead you to do that? Is there something in particular you are looking for feedback on? Why that particular thing?

  • If you are using initialisms/acronyms (DitV, DW, CATS, etc.) or jargon (Lines & Veils, roll under system, etc.) - please explain (or link to an explanation) of those things as you use them. Don’t alienate readers or force them to go do Google searches just to understand your post. You’ll lose them.

  • Please, no hot takes. You have all the time in the world to craft your post. There is no deadline. The discussion will still be there twelve hours from now.

  • Take all the time you need to compose your post. It will be more measured, more deliberate, more thought provoking, and likely have fewer typos.

  • We appreciate positive feedback here, so if you want to say “Thanks” or show that you liked someone’s post, just click the little heart to give them some love! It helps keep the conversation flowing and avoids clutter. (Also, feel free to PM the author if you want to say more!)

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This is all so valuable to me, every bullet point you brought up. I would say the Forums do very well well so far in that regard.

Finding the proper length of a response, making it accessable to as many audiences as possible isn’t easy. I congratulate everybody for keeping such a great level of conversation.