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For discussions of Kickstarters, Patreons, Conventions, etc. (No looking for players posts. See posting guidelines below…)

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The Gauntlet is a thriving community of amazing folx who want to share their joy and passion with each other. Some of those things however are less an idea, and more of an event: Kickstarters, Patreons, Products, Conventions, etc. To help us keep things nice and tidy around here, we wanted to set aside a place where you can get hype about these things, as well as provide a very upfront area for people to go and check on them.

As with any other posts, the mod team may recategorize a topic. The mod team will be going back and recategorizing some older posts to this new category. Additionally if you see a post that seems to be in the wrong category, flag it and a moderator can take a look and, if necessary, move it to the appropriate category.

Please, try to refrain from small effort discussion openers, such as:

  • Who’s going to X con?
  • Has anyone heard of this KS?
  • Here’s my product, what do you think?

Instead, please try to make sure your opening post is informational, interesting, and ideally written to generate discussion, as that will attract others to come and join your conversation. Here’s some quick examples:

  • GenCon is happening August 1-4 this year, and I’ll be setup at the booth listed in the map below. Who else is going, and is anyone interesting in having a Gauntlet meetup for dinner on Saturday?
  • The Kickstarter for X product is live, and I’m curious if anyone else has information about the product? Looking over the campaign, it seems to be set in the wild west, but talks about the players being steam trains who “come alive”, and I’m not sure if the “hunger” mechanic really works. Love the art though!
  • Hi, I’m the creator of “Love and Microchips”, and I’ve updated my product to have a Fate offering! We’ve been playtesting and I wanted to see if anyone else had experience with it, as I’ve been concerned about the Mechanic about hacking your heart after a breakup.

And as always, remember to read and respond to each other with best intentions, with kindness, and with the spirit of collaboration. If you see anything that you feel may be questionable or harsh, let us know by flagging the post and the Moderation Team will step in.

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Hey @shanel . would this be an appropriate spot for folks to post links to their own blog posts? That’s one thing I miss a lot about G+ (both getting notification of something new to read, and the conversations that’d crop up under the post).


At the moment no. (The mod team will think on it more.) But if I can push back a little: what is it about your blog posts that you want people to react to that you don’t think any of the other categories could handle? Could you create a topic here maybe laying out what you discuss in your blog post or maybe tacking on some bits that didn’t make it in?



I guess it wasn’t clear to me that sharing a blog post in, say, RPG Chat or Game Design would be acceptable/welcome. I haven’t seen it done yet, and didn’t really want to be “That Guy” without checking in first. As Hype seemed more about plugging/drawing attention to stuff, it seemed more suitable here.

But… seems like you’re suggesting that posting a link to ones own blog, with some specific additional thoughts or prompts for conservation, would be welcome in the other (relevant) channels? Yes/no?


You hit it on the nose Jeremy. We basically want to discourage posts that are “Hey I wrote this blog post! Check it out and let me know what you think!”, as this puts the onus on other members to have to read a blog post in order to be involved in the conversation.

Think of it more like prompting a forum conversation about a specific topic with questions to the community and use the blog post more as an extension to your own thoughts.

As far as category, I’m not sure the Hype channel would work for blog posts. Maybe RPG Chat or Design channels would work better depending on the discussion you are promoting.


Note: permissions have been changed for this category such that Trust Level 2 is required to create a new topic.