Achtung! Cthulhu Dark - 1941: Danger in the Desert

It is February 1941 and, during ‘Operation Compass’, the Western Desert Force, consisting of the British 7th Armoured Division and the 4th Indian Infantry Brigade, have defeated the Italian Tenth Army at Beda Fomm and appear to be on the verge of overrunning the last Italian forces in Libya.

An Italian intelligence officer, taken prisoner during the advance, is being held in a Cairo hospital and is raving about ‘the coming of the end’. Black Dragon Pursuivant, Head of Britain’s Occult Intelligence Service wants him professionally interrogated and anything he reveals followed-up.

4 sessions on Tuesday evenings in May, at 7pm (GMT+1)
Paul Rivers will be a guest in these sessions

5th May:
12th May:
19th May:
26th May:


Achtung! Cthulhu Dark - Danger in the Desert (1/4)
London, February 1941: while British, Indian, Australian and New Zealand forces win the first victory against the Axis Powers, two experienced and two untried agents are briefed by Britain’s Occult Intelligence Service, The Pursuivants. Before leaving for Cairo careless talk costs them some of their cover which is blown to shreds by an incompetent and indiscrete contact when they arrive there. Our Educated Advisor takes the lead; our Tough NCO demonstrates how dangerous he can be; then our Undercover Agent displays their talents while our Competent Sparks reveals something of the blackmail that forced them into the Secret War.

Achtung! Cthulhu Dark - Danger in the Desert (2/4)
Cairo, March 1941: Plucky Private Stoner is assigned as Educated Advisor Mr Blake’s driver. They set of for the hospital to interrogate a captured Italian officer while Tough NCO Mr Strauss and Compertent Sparks Mr Carlyle go in search of the missing Mr Wright. At the hospital it’s clear that Lieutenant Ricci has cracked under the strain of … something, while Strauss and Carlyle find suspicious goings on at the Cairo Museam of Antiquities. Then there is an ancient bronze mirror and animate sand …

Achtung! Cthulhu Dark - Danger in the Desert (3/4)
Benghazi, April 1941: Rommel’s Afrika Korps sweep North on a collision course with the characters as they fly into Benghazi in search of the only man they believe can guide them to the desert base of Projekt Prometheus. Tough NCO Strauss and Plucky Private Stoner look for a lead in the Suq, while Educated Advisor Blake and Undercover Agent Wright try a more sophisticated avenue of approach. They converge on Abdul Hassan Mechilli in time to save his life while Stoner reveals a hidden secret and Strauss reveals a softer side; Wright doesn’t believe what he sees while Blake believes he’s seen a Djinn … and there are mongooses … why is it always mongooses …?

Achtung! Cthulhu Dark - Danger in the Desert (4/4)

The Libyan Sand Sea, April 1941: The team tempt the Long Range Desert Group (precursors of the SAS) into a raid on the Projekt Prometheus base in the deep desert. Competent Sparks, Avery Carlyle, returns and there’s a blow up, while Educated Advisor, Arthur Blake, demonstrates how hardened he has become. Meanwhile, Tough NCO, Wilbur Strauss, opens ‘the cello case’ and costs Plucky Private Angel Stoner a chapter of his previous life under which he draws an emotioonal line … and there are Djinn.