Actual Plays with musical performance


Soundtracks, ambiences etc. are getting more and more popular, and that’s cool! But I’m looking for instances when someone actually makes music in AP. Do you know examples you could hint at?

I’m generally interested in this music/game intersection (and can talk lots about that), with info gathered here I’m also planning to fill the longer list in the wiki article at:

Already there are two examples:

I know of one more instance of rapping/recitative in “Tomes of the Chaos Bard”, which is diegetic, but quite short (would link that too, but I still have a limit in posts :wink: ).

Will be very grateful for hints, links, etc. and also opinions from those who enjoy/disdain such elements, or creative details on using it in your actual plays, if you tried or thought about it.

gl hf :slight_smile:

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Another one I found is in Bard Rock Cafe podcast. The showrunners recommended ep. 14 for my specific purpose and it indeed has both singing and some “spoken word”.

Won’t bother you with more discoveries… unless there’s any like or other reaction to this post (just as showing interest). :wink: But generally, staying open for suggestions!

I’ve seen a quator in a Game of Roles episode with a musical puzzle to solve.
Also, a whole story + Playlist used for a solo adventure by Crystal. Like a radio, only you paint the scene in your head. Music was key in it.

Very interesting, although I can’t track down more on those :L

  1. I don’t speak French
  2. not many specific search keywords to work with. :wink: If you remember any additional detail on that, I’d gladly follow through.

Thanks again!

I found Crystal’s radio recording!

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Thanks for the link!

Quite intriguing. Didn’t expect for this “Crystal” one to be in French too. :wink: But maybe that’s some sort of a niche cultural connection to explore. ( statistics! ;p ) (+ Selina Transforms is most often a great choice).

As for live musical performing in Actual Plays, so far the types most frequent are “beatbox / onomatopoeia” mimicking of some music performed by the in-game character. Have seen some new examples in my recent searches but none longer than a few seconds. :wink:

I’m sure Donjon de Nahelbeuk does more than just a few seconds: they’re an actual play troupe and a medfan rock band.
Also, a song by Kat in 2D6+Cool’s Quest campaign. And a Sentaï opening song in 2D6+Cool’s Sentaï episode. Either there’s a lot of spontaneous AP performances you missed, or indeed it’s a french thing to play music or sing while you play.

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Couldn’t find the Game of Roles episode, but this:

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Some kind internet person brought an end to this side quest : here’s the musical performance Game of roles episode. Viphonix playing at then end:

Darn, it’s a quizz, not the enigma I was looking for. Still, I leave the trail at that.
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Watched all the recs, happy to report that they are very much in French. :wink:
So can you say, maybe you know, what was the nature of this second vid with a keyboardist and the party on a six-fold splitscreen? Was that a completely separate part of the show or was there some connection to the game played?

Thanks very much for the material!

As I said, it’s a quizz. I didn’t find the episode where they make a mussical enigma. Other than that there’s a guitar / voice bardess in the show, Alba, and Viphonix, that do interludes and live background music for the show.

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