Addiction to psychotropic maelstrom produced drugs in AW


I’m running a game set in Apocalypse where the Sun just disappeared one day. The only source of light is moon that reflects some light. It is cold and dark and everyone is having nightmares.
There is a place where they produce drugs from mushrooms that are in some way connected to Maelstrom itself.
Here is the custom move I’ve created for it.

When you take a dose of Dawn roll +nothing.
On a 6- you are having the worst nightmare of your life, roll Augury treating yourself as the antena, but otherwise you wake up unhurt and free of any effects of Dawn.
On a 7-9 you are having good time and instead of a nightmare you have a good dream, describe it. Take +1 Forward next time you make this move and the next time you Open your Brain.
On 10 you are having amazing time instead of your usual nightmares, describe it. Take cumulative +1 Ongoing to making this move (max of +3). Before you go to sleep next time you must fight the urge of taking Dawn again, unless you do, describe how you try to fight it and roll Act Under Fire.
On 12 as 10 except that you become an antena for Augry for anyone who wants to use you and returning to your old self will require a lot of work.

On the very first use of it a player hit 12+, it was super cool scene, but now I need some follow up that I was not prepared for because I was not sure if we will ever use this move.
Any suggestions are welcomed. Especially about the process of becoming self again.


Perhaps a 12+ indicates that the player is now a beacon in the Maelstrom, broadcasting their excess of positive dreams and attracting those who want the dreams for themselves, those who want to sell the dreams, and those who are threatened by the dreams. Too much of a good thing.