Adding play aids for the Gauntlet Drive folder

Hello. I’d like to know how one would go about sending Character Keeper files for the shared Drive folder. I have a pretty good one for Agon in both English and Spanish, and I’d like to add it to the other resources. I have a few others that are less polished or are still works in progress.

Here they are, just in case.
English (original):

Spanish (official translation by The Hills Press):


Paging @Gerrit to the Forum Courtesy Phone!


Thank you @flatvurm for tagging me!

Wow, @MartinCR , such nice looking keepers! And a Spanish version! Finally some love for our Spanish keeper section.

I will add those, thank you so much for offering them. Under which name shall I attribute them to you?

About the others: a keeper is better than no keeper, so even when they are less polished they might be good to have. In the end, somebody else might make the effort to beautify them and then it’s nice to have some collaboration. So feel free to send those to me directly (or post them here).


I’m glad you liked them. The keepers have a Credits sheet with my info, but I go by Martín Cerón R., like in my itch profile:

By the way, the AGON keeper has a second spanish version with my own translation, that I like more than the official one. I don’t know if you mind having both up, but here it is:

Once I have some time I’ll work a bit on the others (most of them are still in spanish only), and then I’ll send them your way. Thanks.

Martín, that’s great. All added to the Play Aids Archive. Thank you again!