Against the DEMONIC Conspiracy

All access date 4 March 2021
4 sessions on Sundays in April at 2pm (GMT) to test the Demonic Conspiracy stretch goal from my recent kickstarter campaign.

Sun 4 April:
Sun 11 April:
Sun 18 April:
Sun 25 April:

We meet Jocko the disgraced Navy Seal Black Bagger, Bodie the unstable former MI5 Scalp Hunter, Tony the eccentrically dressed former Irish Camorra Sparks, and Kate, who was a handler for the CIA, and whose Russian acquaintance asks for help to find a missing diplomat. There’s a circus in Hyde Park with more security than it needs and too many links to other disappearances to ignore, all the fun of the fair, a tent on the edge of everything and then … a human hand in a freezer, two ring-masters, the sound of chanting and … Kate has a bad feeling that Bodie ignores …

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