Against the FAE Conspiracy

All access date 4 March 2021
4 sessions on Wednesdays in May at 7pm (GMT) to test the Fae Conspiracy stretch goal from my recent kickstarter campaign.

Wed 5 May:
Wed 12 May:
Wed 19 May:
Wed 26 May:

Against the Fae Conspiracy (1/4)
We meet the team who have decided to make a stand against the Fae.

There’s Mark Sheerwright, the former Scalp Hunter for the Black Lodge criminal organisation, which we discover had links to the Conspiracy. We meet Jesusita Ramirez, the former Mosaad Analyst who believes the Fae took her lover and Kadir ‘Gun’ Guner, the GSG9 Sparks who wants revenge for what he thinks the Conspiracy did to his team. Finally, there’s Andy Lam, retired confidential informant Handler for the UK’s National Crime Agency, who spotted patterns in some investigations he couldn’t explain as anything but supernatural.

There’s a museum in Manchester, an over-qualified curator and a creepy ring … then heavy handed security with guns, a kidnap, and a theft …

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Against the Fae Conspiracy (2/4)
Using the ring they stole last time, the team learns more about what’s going on from Dr Brown, and something of the factional nature of the Fae. Then Kadir the Sparks finds employment at the same suspicious circus that Jesusita the Analyst allows her daughter to visit. One of the circus acts, the ‘Masked Marksman’, is a former associate of Mark the Assassin, while Andy the Handler is worried about why a number of circus patrons have gone missing. There’s a dodgy junior minister in the audience with unofficial bodyguards, the Marvellous Mercurio’s fortune telling chair, and a Hall of Mirrors … then a Redcap who dislikes mobile phones and a cold intro to Mistress Winter …

Against the FAE Conspiracy (Finale)
The daughter of Jesusita, the Analyst, refuses to talk to her after the embarrassment at the circus but then goes missing; all the evidence suggests she’s been taken by the Conspiracy. Andy the Handler finds out as much as he can from their mole in Summer while Mark the Assassin approaches his mentor Reece who has a history with Winter. Finally Jesusita bugs the circus to discover how to reach her daughter. Cut to a faery circle on Hampstead Heath … and then to the Winter Court. There’s a tacky frozen corporate dinner dance, icicle doormen, and a VIP area. Then a daughter imprisoned, a partner chained and a deal … what a deal …