Against the Vampire Conspiracy - "AVH" & Throndal

A late entry to the calendar as I wanted to wait until GCOG was mostly done.
3 sessions on the last three Wednesdays in November at 7pm (GMT)
One seat has been allocated to someone who played with the Gauntlet for the first time at GCOG.
A second seat is reserved for 48hours for someone who hasn’t played in any series I’ve run during 2021 - if that’s you message me to put your name on the seat … first come first served.
If that reserved seat isn’t taken up within 48 hours of the time of posting, it will fall to the first person on the waitlist.
OPEN ACCES: Thu 21 Oct 2021

Wed 10 Oct, 2021 -
Wed 17 Oct, 2021 -
Wed 24 Oct, 2021 -

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