Age of Ravens: 23 Lessons from RPGs (Gauntlet Blog)


For my post today I went back through all the new-to-me RPGs I ran for Gauntlet Hangouts in 2018. There’s a bunch (spoiler: 23). I draw out a brief lesson from each of them.

Age of Ravens: 23 Lessons from RPGs

So what lessons did you take away from the RPGs you played or ran last year?


Wasn’t Blackout new to you as well?


Good catch-- managed to erase that as I was editing the post into the blog. Fixed.


152!!?! holy crap!

Between you and @Gerrit are like speedsters (The Flash) of the indy RPG scene :slight_smile:


What a great way to reflect on a year of gaming! Happy to remember I was part in one in these lessons (Prism).