Age of Ravens: History of Licensed RPGs (Part VI 1996-98)

On The Gauntlet Blog I’ve posted next installment of my look at rpgs that adapt existing properties. We head towards the end of the 90’s when the CCGs, distributor changes, and the rise of d20 begin to seriously impact game companies. You’ll find Bubblegum Crisis, Discworld, Jurassic Park , and more.

History of Licensed RPGs (Part VI 1996-98)

It’s a weird time with several veteran companies heading towards a serious crash. TSR continues to try to figure out what to do, Last Unicorn Games rides towards its inevitable doom, and West End Games goes out in a desperate attempt to save itself. And within that some interesting games and inventive approaches.

(I also make some predictions at the start of the post; I think all of them were wrong).