Age of Ravens: Loops & Floods

On the Gauntlet Blog I take advantage of the new Bundle of Holding offers to present some thoughts and resources for Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood .


“If you want a great Things from the Flood game, run a Tales game and then move the story forward.”

This sounds like such a fun and natural way of moving from one text to another, I’m surprised that the books themselves don’t offer the guidance. I’d expect them to lean into this style of play HEAVILY.

Any thoughts on why the books try to keep things distinct?

(I’m guessing it might simply be “these are 2 different games with 2 different vibes.”)

The guidance is so light-- which is a shame. There could have been a nice set of transition questions or a collaborative approach. But I think that’s a little outside the scope of the kind of game it is-- and its aim as a mass market. And that kind of story/talk transition might be the only real way you could offer tools for transition. The system’s so light that it would be hard to offer upgrades or benefits— except, now that I think about it, some kind of legacy special ability or feat based on their original archetype might be a nice trick.