Age of Ravens: RPG Term Limits (Part 2)

Last week I posted a list from 2015 of the RPGs I most wanted to run or play. This week on the blog I update that list and discover just how radically my tastes have changed.

Age of Ravens: RPG Term Limits (Part 2)

Like…really radically. This wasn’t an easy list to assemble. I had many games I put on and then took off the list. I’m fairly sure of the top 25, but then it gets muddier. As I mention in the post, only six of the Top 25 games from my earlier list return for this one. Five slid into my #26-50, meaning fourteen of my top picks at that time dropped off my radar.

What would be on your top list that wasn’t four years ago?


First thought - could your FitD version of Neo Shinobi Vendetta be expanded to encompass Nights Black Agents? either in ruleset, or in story also??? i feel like the tone/style is similar enough.

as for what would be on that was not there 4 years ago, hmm…

Not in any order…

  • Dresden Files Accelerated.
  • The Warren.
  • Impulse Drive (either Babylon 5/Deep Space 9 style or Blakes 7/Farscape style).
  • Don’t pay the Ferryman (my game).
  • The Between.
  • Demigods.
  • The Spire.
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Yes, I suspect I’ll be using some of the ideas Sherri put otgether for NSV. Figuring out mission structure, chases, and “coin” is going to be key. One of the things I want to do is figure out a way to mechanically tie in the Conspiramid to progress.

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