Age of Ravens: Tales & Things (Gauntlet Blog)


I have a new post up on the blog talking a little about Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood. Though it might not seem like it from my recent comments about Forbidden Lands, I dig Free League’s games and Tales in particular. It mixes light, evocative world building with a strong simple iteration of the Mutant system.

Age of Ravens: Tales & Things

This month I’m running a dozen sessions of Tales & Flood on three separate tracks. Because I’m an Indiana-born child of the 1980’s, I’ve created a Midwestern US setting for my games, Wayward, OH. In the post I showcase the maps I’ve done, plus a list of 25 Mystery Landscape Hooks for Things from the Flood. While I’ve tooled them for this 1990’s-set game, they could be easily ported over to Tales.



“I have the additional hoop of retooling the material for my Midwestern locale” :smirk:

Are you planning to make those neat maps available?


Ah, thanks for the catch-- dropped words. I hadn’t planned on putting the maps out for full download since they’re built on Google Maps, but if anyone would like them for personal use, they can message me.