Age of Ravens: The Final Hack-down (Gauntlet Blog)



Today on the blog I wrap up a trilogy of post on lazy rpg hacks (and the people who love them). I focus on what started as a reskin but has evolved to become something stronger and more interesting: Changeling the Lost PbtA.

Age of Ravens: The Final Hack-down

Ctl PbtA was first time I had something I knew I absolutely wanted to try out and play on the Gauntlet. I worried about it, but then I posted the sessions to give myself a deadline. The first version ran like a junker car, but we’ve rebuilt the engine over time. I have to thank @patrickK and @Tylom especially for their input, with the latter running it several times. @Auzumel_S, of course deserves co-credit for the whole thing since she focused the ideas and organized rewriting the playbooks. I also have to thank @RichRogers for being enthusiastic about it, since he’s one of my PbtA mentors.

My point in the post, besides showing off something I’m proud of, is to showcase how much The Gauntlet has helped me. I’m certain this thing wouldn’t exist without this community.


I love this hack, even more than I love the original game. I’m so glad it’s out there.