Age of Ravens: Worlds of Adventure: Fate Guide (Pt. 2)



Second half of my gamers’ guide for Fate RPG is up Gauntlet Blog. This time I go through all of the amazing Worlds of Adventure releases. They’re dynamite, adaptable, but also contain cool Fate tech.

Age of Ravens: Worlds of Adventure: Fate Guide (Pt. 2)

Here’s the thing, even if Fate isn’t your bag, there’s amazing concepts and world building in these. Going back through, I’m stunned at the new concepts and different takes on old ideas. Fate has a fairly light mechanical footprint, so there’s lots of room for ideas and setting. Plus all of these are available PWYW via Drivethrurpg. That’s a crazy model, but it seems to do well for them.

Just looking through again today, my list of ones I want to run has changed again. Right now my top five would be (in no particular order):

  • Almbrect After Dark
  • Arecibo
  • Iron Street Combat
  • Loose Threads
  • Til Dawn

Tell me if you see any there that you especially dig.


Burn Shift (from Worlds on Fire) may be tied with Fallout for my favorite post-apocalyptic settings. I love how it gives enough lore to get you started, but leaves plenty of gaps.

Slip was great as part of a reality hopping campaign I ran awhile back. I may revive that campaign and work in Prism somehow…

Tower of the Serpent (also Worlds on Fire) didn’t do much for me as a setting (generic D&D style fantasy), but it’s a great adventure template. I’ve reskinned it for a couple other settings.

Masters of Umdaar and Nest look like so much fun. Still gotta run them! Still gotta read some of the newer ones, too, especially Iron Street Combat.


Do the ashcan adventures count as Fate Worlds? Because Bill White’s Romance in the Air is pretty great.


Yup, that’s on the list.

@JasonT It’s good you mention those from the original Worlds books. I often forget about them in the face of the wonderful new shininess of the more recent releases. Your point about Burn Shift is right on the money. The best of these settings give you that imaginative space.