Agnostic Setting Design

I am out of my comfort zone when designing in an agnostic space, so I challenged myself with designing an antiquity picturesque agnostic setting.

It has been barely three days and I can already see myself taking a deep dive into some very specific rabbit holes. That is not what I wanted, I want to make something useful for people.

So I ask, what type of things people want to see from an anti-canon, agnostic setting? More precise, for their urban, intrigue-filled, mundane adventures? Characters, locations, festivals, customs?

Below is the groundwork I laid on; I wonder which sinkholes to dive further on.

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it looks like you’ve made a good start

you could google tourist sites for (city name) or google images for (city name)

see if something catches your eye, eg if I google things to do in prague, I get a picture of a bridge, cathedral, clock and a castle. nothing magical or fantasy, but you can add small elements to these things. are there ghosts near the bridge? do heretics meet at the clock?

you can source the table too, ask them Why do people avoid this clock? what happened at the bridge that changes things for your family?


That is definitely something to consider, with the caveat that the places on the tourist guides do not always overlap with what is important for people that live on a place.

1/3 into #Dreamjam,I made a preview of what I have so far for the setting.