Agon: Kyros 2-shot

Schedule Note: this is a 2-shot that will take place Tuesday and Thursday of the same week. Availability for both sessions is highly preferred.


Far back in the mists of antiquity, a poet sings of great deeds wrought by mighty heroes—of monsters slain and justice restored, of wise council and devious strategies, of courage, valor, and daring—defiant of the gods themselves. In Agon, you create and play these heroes, crafting their epic tale into an immortal legend. On their way back home from the war, the heroes have become lost among strange islands populated by mythical creatures, dire beasts, treacherous landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and desperate people—all somehow cursed or abandoned by the cruel power of the capricious gods. It falls to you to seize this opportunity for greatness—to set things right in these lost lands, overcome the trials of gods, monsters, and people, prove the glory of your name, and win your way back home.

For this session we will visit Kryos, where Thesekyra the Pirate Queen stole the Pillar of Storms and without it, the people of Kryos are defenseless against the harpies. An island of swordplay and naval pursuit!

I will send a reminder 1 week before the session. Rules will be taught. Prior knowledge of Greek mythology not required.

Though Agon is inspired by ancient Greek myths and legends, the action of the game takes place within a strange, mist-shrouded sea, hiding uncharted islands not found in the Mediterranean. This is a fantasy world for you to explore, not a historical one—building on the enchanting Greek myths to forge your own legends.

CW: violence, religion, war, natural disaster, extractive industry, the sea

System : Agon

Duration : 3 Hours

Breaks : 5-10 minutes approximately on the hour

Venue : GM’s Zoom

Recording : No

Safety : Lines & Veils, X-card, and open door policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Session 1:
Session 2: