Alchemy: a hardbound anthology of Trophy Dark incursions

Hi folks! Just letting you know that Cold Hearth Collective is launching Alchemy, a collection of 9 original Trophy Dark incursions, on Kickstarter 9/22!

Cold Hearth Collective is Madeleine Ember, Natalie Ash, Michael Van Vleet, Amalie McKee/Mags Maenad and Gabriel Robinson, all writers heavily involved with Trophy or Trophy-rooted projects! For Alchemy we are also super excited to announce guest writers Nicholas Masyk, Pammu Punzalan, Speak the Sky and Jamila R. Nedjadi, all writing their unique takes on Trophy Dark.

We launch tomorrow, 9/22 - please check it out!


Hey all, just dropping in to mention we’re live and the alchemical experiment is bubbling along nicely. For what it’s worth there’s also an early bird tier that ends tomorrow for anyone thinking of grabbing the book at a small discount.