ALIEN the rpg by Free league publishing

Here are four sessions of the ALIEN role playing game by Free League Publishing. In ALIEN you play in a universe of body horror and corporate brinkmanship, where synthetic people play god while space truckers and marines serve host to newborn ghoulish creatures. It’s a harsh and unforgiving universe and you are nothing if not expendable.

We will be playing what Free League calls a “Cinematic Scenario”. A Cinematic scenario emulates the dramatic arc of an ALIEN film. This game mode emphasizes high stakes and fast and brutal play. Conflict between player characters is likely, and you are not all expected to survive. In fact, most of your PCs probably won’t live to see the end of the scenario. If you die you’ll just jump into the body of a NPC and keep on space trucking.

CONTENT WARNING: This is a survival horror game. This may not be the game for you if you are sensitive to themes of body horror, extreme violence, sudden character death, and PvP conflict. We’ll use communication and consent tools including the X-Card, Lines/Veils, and the Open Door to help everyone have a scary fun time, but please keep the contents and premise in mind.

Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you plan to attend. The Open Door policy will be in effect but the character you play will be active in each session. Therefore, if you miss a session, your character might be played as an NPC or by another PC. If your character dies, you will have a new character to play when you return.

We will use Streamyard to play. I will record and post the session to youtube if all players consent.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4