ALIEN World (Playtest 1)

ALIEN WORLD (Playtest 1)

The all access time for this game is June 15, 2022 at 3 pm EST.

Here are 2 July sessions of my own game, Alien World.

I did a thing and made a game. I took my favorite bits from Zombie World, Cartel, Fria Ligan’s ALIEN RPG, Against the Dark Conspiracy, Alien Dark, and Escape from Dino Island to make an ALIEN story game.

This is a Playtest. We will try to tell a story but the narrative will probably be disjointed due to on the fly edits, rule changes, and pauses to discuss mechanics.

CONTENT WARNING: Alien World is a survival horror game. This may not be the game for you if you are sensitive to themes of body horror, extreme violence, sudden character death, and PvP conflict. We’ll use communication and consent tools including the X-Card, Lines/Veils, and the Open Door to help everyone have a scary fun time, but please keep the content and premise in mind.

This game follows The Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you plan to attend. I will contact the players a week before session 1 to confirm their RSVP. If they are unable to play or fail to respond within 3 days, I will offer their seat to the next person on the Waitlist.

We will use Streamyard and Roll20 to play. I will record the sessions for game development purposes but only post them to Youtube if all players consent.

Session 1: Friday July 8, 2022. 8 pm EST.

Session 2: Friday July 15, 2022. 8 pm EST.