Any Offworlders! material out there?

So, I have never played a PbtA game. Not even one. I took part in a zero session of Masks once (and I really enjoyed it) but the game fell apart before we could start. I have taken a look at World of Dungeons and like it, but I really connected with Offworlders! I’m curious if anybody has created material supplemental to the main book. Anything at all. skills, powers, classes, etc. Blogs or books or threads.

ALSO: If I were to check out a PbtA game that would be an “advanced” edition of Offworlders!, what would you suggest? Scum & Villainy seems good, but I also know there are a few others out there that fall in the SF camp.

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There’s an official page listing PbtA games, and it’s got a science fiction section. Uncharted Worlds looks like it’s in the same vaguely Traveller-esque conceptual space as Offworlders.

Scum & Villainy is Forged in the Dark, and while some people say that FitD is a subset of PbtA, the two systems feel to me like they’re mechanically distinct enough to be treated as separate systems.


For PBTA there is:


If you want a World of Dungeons version of Traveller there is Rovers by @AviatrixCat


Thank you. I didn’t realize there was a difference between PbtA and FitD. I need to better acquaint myself with these types of games.