Anyone on here played DCC in gauntlet style play online?

I am having to very careful with money these days (aren’t we all right?). Anyway there is a great deal on DCC right now.

Wondering if anyone has had success running it as gauntlet style play, eg few 3-4 hour sessions with open table. Beyond just trying out the funnel.

My normal go to games these days are WoDu with lots of hand waving and pulling moves from Dungeon World, and very stripped down B/X or OD&D using either S&W or more recently whitehack.

Heard good things about it, but curious Beyond the funnel thing is there a lot about this game? 506 page rule book sounds like a steep curve to run a game with lots of prep etc.

As always, thanks in advance
May you be at peace, may you find ease


Most of the 500+ pages are just tables for the spells, lists of monsters and magic items; the actual game is not that complicated - especially if you are already familiar with the various iterations of D&D. Whether or not it’s worth picking up? I don’t know, it’s a beautiful book with a couple of interesting ideas and ridiculous magical calamities. I payed in a funnel at GaunletCon once and it was super fun!


I’m pretty sure there is a free version or a “quickstart” you can download to get a sense of the rules and what you’ll be getting. Notably, each spell has a long table of outcomes you roll on; I think, as @HorstWurst says above, that these spell tables must take up 100+ pages on their own (and they sound quite entertaining in play!).

The actual complexity of the rules seems higher than B/X D&D, but not significantly.