Anyone using Rovers? Offworlders?

Seems like a user friendly traveller-esque game. Can’t seem to find a lot of actual play on it thought. anyone else played it? Experiences or reactions? Is it “too light” or does it enable some good light hearted story gaming of some Rovers trying to make their monthly nut to keep the ship flying while the space lanes and empire throw them curve balls?

If you experience with offworlders, which do you like better and why?

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Really interested in this. Rovers seems a bit more Star Trek, Offworlders a bit more Firefly, but I haven’t had a chance to play either of them yet.

I have experience with Uncharted Worlds. It is very solid for a short Firefly / Traveller campaign using PbtA but falls down eventually with the abstraction of trading values break, leveling up after a few times, etc. Sean Gomez is working on v2.0. I’ll find the link if you are interested

I played in a short campaign of Offworlders and I agree it felt more like Firefly. Spent plenty of time finding jobs to keep the ship going. I enjoyed it and have in the stack of games I plan to run at some point. I didn’t find the game to lite but I do enjoy games that sit somewhere between WoDu and a full PbtA playsheet game.


I’m currently running an Offworlders mini-campaign, but I guess I’m not playing it straight since I’m using it to run the Mothership module Dead Planet. I much prefer it to the Mothership rules personally.


Rovers is not really star-trek but is super light Travellers. But I haven’t seen any actual play of it. I have played off-worlders, but I played it lighter than written. Think more space adventure, than gritty firefly. That is why I was hoping to get a comparison of them. Something really intrigues me about Rovers - seems like travelers distilled. like the questions about the space, and the trading rules. wonder though if it is any good for any sort of sustained story arc, or if it just looks good on paper.

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Only one way to find out. I have to agree that Rovers distills more into a smaller space than Offworlders; I haven’t managed to play it cuz I feel like the spaceship rules are a little too vague for me.