AP Show: Apocalypse World: Burned Over (1 of 3)

Rich and Rach are bringing you something altogether NEW!

It’s a miniseries of Actual Play, where they bring on guest players Cody and Greg to play Apocalypse World: Burned Over version. Rich is the MC for this three-session series, and after each session of play, we’ll have a post-play discussion together.

Tune in for opening scenes and our first post-play discussion
Time Codes:
00:03:47 - Character Intros
00:08:11 - Starting Move with Druben Ki
00:12:19 - Kyrie’s Opening Scene
00:25:13 - Bantha Bren’s Opening Scene
00:33:42 - Druben Ki and Kyrie Meet Up
00:45:58 - Session Ending Stuff
00:52:19 - Post Game Show starts
00:54:20 - Slice-of-life Beginning Chat
01:03:35 - The Bang Approach Chat
01:12:16 - Untenable Lives
01:14:09 - Parting Thoughts

Greg Gelder on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GroupSoliloquy
Cody Eastlick on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CodyEastlick