Arcana Academy - PbtA Game Inspired By Harry Potter Now On Kickstarter

Heya everyone, wanted to take some time to share my latest game that’s up on Kickstarter. Arcana Academy is a magic school RPG inspired by works like Harry Potter or The Magicians. We also took a lot of inspiration from City of Mist, Monsterhearts, and Masks to help us design the game.

We focused pretty heavily on mystery solving, freeform spell creation, and mechanics that mimic the way relationships change and evolve in these kinds of books/movies/shows. We recently launched on Kickstarter and quickly funded within 24 hours, but we’re still looking to spread some awareness.

If you like Powered by the Apocalypse games or magic schools as a setting, check out our Kickstarter!


For the past few days I was thinking that I’d appreciate HP-inspired ttrpg and now this! :slight_smile: Perfect timing, I must say.