Archipelago III play sets

Is there any interest in the Archipelago III play sets? Something you could use for one-shots.


Jason Morningstar and Matthijs Holter made two already: Love in the time of Seið and Love in the Time of Khvareneh.

Both are very cool. But I would love to see more playsets made for the game, where you could just set it down, pick characters and start playing scenes.


Last Train Out Of Warsaw, too. All of these use the basic framework but bend it in different directions - Love in the Time of Seið was specifically written to ease new players into Archipelago, for example.


@Jmstar Jason, do you think there is an interest or need for other play set? more play sets?

I don’t know how many people are clamoring for more Archipelago related content, but I’d love to see it!


I know that some people have used the Oracles from In a Wicked Age… to set up their sessions of Archipelago. Not a terrible idea!

The Story Games thread about this seems to be down (what a shame!), but I found the Google doc with the rules and procedures:


Using In a Wicked Age is interesting, particularly if you use the many fanmade oracle’s for the game to tell different kinds of stories: