Are dice cool?

Is rolling actual dice generally looked upon favorably (or not) when playing on the Gauntlet? I played two four session series a few years ago and the dice rolling was handled digitally. I’m thinking about rejoining in w the gauntlet community and am wondering if there is an established norm.

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(Hoping this is an appropriate place to ask this question).


I can’t speak for everyone, but I love dice and generally prefer games that use them.

On the other hand, there are a bunch of diceless games I love (Good Society, i’m sorry did you say street magic, Dream Askew).

Oh wait I realised you’re asking about physical dice! In online games, I prefer digital dice rollers because I like the excitement of waiting on the result and all seeing what number comes up at the same time. If a player prefers to roll a physical dice for some reason - like, I played a game recently where one of the players was using a dice that didn’t support the dice roller we were using - that’s fine with me. I’d say online dice rollers are the norm for Gauntlet games.


Basically what Sandy said – it’s fun to sortof ‘share’ in the excitement of ‘watching’ the dice, and some of that is lost in online play if someone is rolling physical dice that I have no way of seeing.

In general though, while I think online dice rolling is “the norm” I think it’s also up to each individual GM.


I like the shared reveal that an online dice room brings to the table, but if someone want to use physical dice in one of my sessions then that’s fine.

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Thanks Sandy. I’m definitely into diceless games. I was a DnD and traveller nerd kid in the late 70s and early 80s but when I got back into rpgs around a decade ago it was via a group that played only gmLess and usually dice less games (story games seattle). I’m fact I think all of my own designs are diceless!
Thx for your feedback!

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