Ares Ascendant: Faces of the Red Planet (Paragon System - Thursdays November)


  • Play test: Ares Ascendant is currently in development. Please only sign up if you are OK to play a game that hasn’t been fully tested.

The Setting

In Ares Ascendant, players assume the roles of Earth’s best and brightest, the group who will establish the first Martian colony. They won’t start entirely from scratch, as their transport ship is loaded with supplies, and unmanned vessels have been dropping equipment over the last several years. Despite the head start, however, the group will be responsible for getting things ready for more colonists.

The Pitch

In Ares Ascendant, you play a member of the crew colonizing Mars. You are among the first to arrive and your mission is to prepare the planet for additional settlers from Earth. Though you are working with others to prepare the colony and to terraform Mars, you may have a different perspective from your crew-mates about the best approach for doing so.


  • System: Ares Ascendant - Paragon System (in development)
  • The Pitch: Colonizing Mars with potentially conflicting approaches and agendas.
  • Schedule: Three Thursdays in November
  • Breaks: Two 10-minute breaks
  • Venue: GM’s Zoom
  • Recording Session: With consent from all players
  • Posting Recording: With consent from all players
  • Attendance: Joining all sessions is ideal but not required
  • Safety: Lines & Veils, X-Card, Open Table, and any others suggested by the players

Additional information:

This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct

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Thanks again for a great game, Dan. A very cool premise rife for all kinds of shenanigans, and loved where it went in just three sessions. Great experience for my first Gauntlet play, looking forward to more! -B