Asking about binding preferences for indie games

I know that most RPGs are in some traditional glued or stitched form, and for a book to read that usually makes sense, but for a tech manual that you need to flip through quickly does that still make the best sense?

What other, if any, versions would you want to see if they were available?
Examples: spiral-bound, simpler produced zine or newsletter-like, others?


Spiral bound books don’t tend to fare well when they’re lugged around in bags and backpacks, which RPG books commonly are.


Binding in a card holder. I like having rules on cards. It forces brevity, and it’s very handy when you need reference and control-reading because you can hand them fast and they don’t take much space.
To keep the number low and readability high you can store all fringe cases and unFAQ online.
Problem is : a large part of the hobby also wants the book for the pictures.


Stitched feels noticeably better in quality and useability than glued, but I assume comes at a noticeably higher price to manufacture.

Echoing @Anders about spiral bound; those would get destroyed being lugged around in a backpack and wouldn’t shelve well. Unless the game theme was very office space I think the presentation would also be very off-putting.

I have a couple zine style releases and they feel equivalent in readability/quality to bound ones, but it’s more the lower quality paper that makes them feel flimsy than the staple binding.


I love all my A5 zines so much but they’re awful for filing/finding/forgetting. I don’t know what I have, and no readable spine makes my memory worse…