Autumn Triduum: Our Lady of Sorrows


Autumn Triduum: Our Lady of Sorrows

I will be running a two-session series of Autumn Triduum in June on Thursdays at 8pm Eastern.

The session is scheduled for 3 hours. This game session will be recorded for future publication.

Something sinister is threatening your convent—Our Lady of Sorrows—this hallowmass season. How will you and your sisters rally to renounce Satan and all his works? How will your faith be tested from All Hallows’ Eve to All Saints’ Day to All Souls’ Day? Choose from playbooks based on archetypes of religious sisters. Will you be the naive Novice, the crotchety Elder, the alarming Mystic?

This series is a playtest of a Powered by the Apocalypse game I am designing: Autumn Triduum, a game of darkness, sisterhood, and faith.

Being able to attend both sessions is ideal, but not required. One slot in this session has been reserved for Claire G. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

Tone and expectation for the game will be discussed beforehand. We will be using the X-Card) and Lines and Veils as safety tools, and the Open Door policy will be in effect. This series is operating under The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy.