BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home

This is for two sessions of BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home by Jamila R. Nedjadi. Rules will be taught. BALIKBAYAN is based on the Belonging Outside Belonging System ( Dream Askew, Dream Apart ) In session one we’ll discuss the setting, build our city, choose playbooks, and get to playing. I will be running this as Game Moderator, so I’ll be playing and facilitating.

It is the far future. Earth has been abandoned for generations. Humanity left for brighter stars, richer planets and shining colonies. To fuel their dreams of a better tomorrow, the humans turned to the Elementals and their magic. This magic is an invaluable source of power and labor. Machines were created to harness and enslave the Elementals.

You were one of these Enslaved Elementals. You are machines that echo the legendary magic you once possessed. You and your friends are among the few who have managed to return to Earth. What remains of Earth’s cities is falling apart. The Corp won’t let go of you so easily either. But shining through the cracks is a magic that is ready to be reborn.

Can you outrun The Corp long enough and bring forth the Rebirth of magic? Will you survive this revolution you’ve started, or will The Corp recapture you? We play the game of BALIKBAYAN: RETURNING HOME to find out.

We will play using Zoom and record the session. We will use the X-Card as well as Lines & Veils for safety. If you sign up and your attendance or RSVP changes, please also send me a message at edige23 at gmail. I will send out a group email a week before the session with set up and invite details. The session will last about-3 hours.

The Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in play and the X-Card) safety tool will be in use.

Thursday, February 20, 2020 1:00 AMThursday, February 20, 2020 4:00 AM Session 1

Thursday, February 27, 2020 1:00 AMThursday, February 27, 2020 4:00 AM Session 2