Black Armada hath a Patreon

Hi everyone

I’m excited to announce that today we (Josh and Becky) are starting a Patreon. We hope to use it to put more time into creating smaller RPGs, writing supplements for our games, and blogging about gaming.

We’re super-excited about getting our teeth into some focused, evocative little games. You can get a taste of what we’ve got planned by checking out the Patreon page, and by downloading our free sample game, Soap Bubble. Soap Bubble follows the lives of the characters in a soap opera that you create, and the actors who play them. It’s great fun!

You can also take a look at the Black Armada blog, where we’ve already got loads of great gaming content. The latest article was posted today, about how I prep investigation games. More coming soon!

You’ll also get access to a patrons-only discord channel where you can chat to us about our games and gaming in general. I hope to see you on there!

Please do support us on Patreon, and we’d really appreciate it if you shared the link on social media as we really want to get the word out about this. Thanks for all your support :slight_smile:


Josh and Becky


If you’ve been pondering getting on the Black Armada patreon, you might be interested to know our latest game, What the Water gave me by @BeckyA, has just been released to our backers.

WTWGM tells tales of tragedy and death across the centuries, around a sinister and cursed millpool. You play characters in the 17th century and modern times, and your experiences around the millpool echo and feed back into each other. It’s delightfully bleak!

If you like the sound of that, check out the patreon link above.

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